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Long format films created for a cinematic experience

MRRL4748 2.jpg

220 hours of love in 90 minutes.
Atmospheric images, exciting stories and tons of emotions - the young film team manages to transmit an intensive look at the city and its citizens. And the response is enormous. 

Marc Geschonke, NWZ

Auf Spurensuche Plakat.jpg


Premiered on the 19.01.2020

275 Sinti and Roma were deported from North West Germany to the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in March 1943 - 22.600 Sinti and Roma prisoners in total. 

"Auf Spurensuche" (In search of clues) accompanies the Sinti family Schwarz traveling from North West Germany, more specifically from Jever, to Sachsenhausen and finally reaching the concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau.

The intention of the journey was to raise the awareness of the new generation of Sinti to what has happened in the past and to connect them to their hi(story). 

Paradoxically while focusing on discrimination in the past the family has been facing racism and serious threats in the present day, even during the journey of this production. 

The purpose of this documentary is to reach deeper layers of understanding on the effects of the genocide in the present.

WIO Filmplakat.jpg


Premiered on the 31.05.2019

The intention behind "Wer ist Oldenburg?" (Who is Oldenburg?) [WIO] had been to give humans a voice - hundreds of them - regardless of someone being known or unknown, rich or poor, blue or green.

WIO is an emotional rollercoaster ride through the most different experiences of humans edited in a way that it feels like one person - like one story. 

Speaking of birth, war, mama, refuge, the best and worst day of ones life and so much more.

Intercut with atmospheric images of the town on smooth organic soundscapes the audience is being pulled into a cinematic experience that reminds oneself of the simplicity and depth of being human. 

Due to its social characteristics this project was funded by the government of Germany with a six-figure sum.

Kooky Klique Poster.png


Premiered on the 24.11.2017

Kooky Klique is a movie based on the electronic music album Krown by Persian Vodka. 

For each of the 10 songs individual music videos had been shot in different places of the Earth which then were connected with further story elements in between them creating a symbiotic, cinematic musical journey. 

Shooting locations include and are not limited to:

The lost city and oasis of Keshit, Iran 
The Kalut deserts, Iran 
The waterfalls of Rayen, Iran 
The mountains of Kerman, Iran 
Teheran, Iran 
Mallorca & Gran Canaria, Spain 
Santander & Cádiz, Spain 
Oldenburg, Germany


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