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Film Production

Full service film production for any scale of project, with emphasis on artistic signature

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Our approach to film production is simple. 

To listen.
Listen deeply. To understand what your initial ideas are.
Understanding where you are coming from, what you want and where you want to go. 

To inquire. 
Going a bit deeper. To understand your core intention or define it together, as the most important and foundational element, of why we are coming together. 

To shape. 
Based on the intention, we support in shaping your ideas or develop new ones in a direction that best serves the fulfillment of the purpose and goals of your film(s). 

To create. 
Needless to say, we take it from there!
Allowing our creative forces to spiral and illuminate a vision and root that very vision into reality, into film and sound, into an atmosphere, and feeling and ... magic ... truly.
And as beautiful as it will look in the end, behind the scenes, on the technical side of things, both shooting and editing, we work with extreme precision.

To collaborate.
We hold collaboration high in our hearts and like to use every opportunity possible to bring in local or international talents, both in front and behind the lens, co-creating in joyful ways projects, that alone would not be the same.


To share. 
Beyond creation, we can support by consulting how an effective pathway of distributing your film(s) could look like to best serve the goals you set out for, choosing the right video formats and platforms, and possibly sharing with our own networks too, if we both feel it a good fit.

To enjoy. 
We breathe film, we live film, we are very very very passionate about film!
Film is some serious work but for us, in the same time, it doesn't feel like work at all. 
We truly love what we do and enjoy every step along the way.'re about to get sparked too!



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