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Tantric Energetics Meditation Portrait-2

About Omid Mohadjeri

Film, for me, started in front and not behind the lens, way back then … at my birth … thanks dad.
From my first day on he was filming every step and bite I’d take, for his family archive.

I think another great influence on my creative genes goes even further back to my grandfather mothers side who was a theatre director and actor in Kerman, Iran, readapting ancient Persian myths and bringing them on the modern stage.

Taking it from there, as a young boy I discovered my interest for music and started exploring the world of sounds through all kinds of instruments - to this day having collected and practiced 12 or so, including Persian Santur, Piano, Handpan and more. 

My passion for sound had led me to creating my first band as a teenager and the production of the first music video for this very band was my encounter and opening to the world of visual arts. 

7 years of film and photography in 17 different countries around the globe and 3 long format films later, today, I am continuing to deepen my relationship with the queen of arts through exploring all her different moods and faces, slowly but steadily mastering my craft. 

AZ TU Logo 2.png

About AZ TU

"AZ TU" is Persian and means "From In / From Within / Inside Out". 

In a reality in which we are being bombarded with constant, superficial and fast changing stimuli it is the intention of AZ TU to create visual art which holds some calmness, peace and ease in it.

This very kind of experience can only be created through the creator being in such space himself.  

One can not rush through life being stressed and create a calm and meaningful experience in the same time. 

It is the the approach of AZ TU to slow down, maybe stop completely for a moment, maybe two, to see what is there to be seen, acknowledged and ultimately to be expressed and shared through the lens of film for you and us to feel and enjoy. 

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