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AZ TU Impressions

AZ TU Impressions

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AZ TU is a way of creating.

It is choosing to be slow when needed, stepping aside the stream of thoughts to see what's underneath. 
It is allowing an idea to arise from within and to be expressed from the inside out. 
It is to nurture that very idea - watching it grow all the way until its fruits are picked by the ones we are to inspire. 
It is the rich and organic taste of creativity from the heart that can not be replicated - it is to be felt.

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Omid Mohadjeri, Film Director and DOP

As a child I’ve been and still I am a very sensitive being. 
When I look, I really look. And when I listen, I listen closely. 

Film came into my life as a gift, giving me the opportunity to create audio visual experiences for myself and others which transmit that very sensitivity.

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